casltevainia rp ( NWoD)

OMG cool idea


hi, well i suppose i should first explain my self a bit
i am a 16 yo (just) rp player (that sounds like a nice title ill use that) and avid castlevainia fan. ive been playing since 8-9ish and have never really DMed before so i am really just looking for advice about this idea.ill be usein the world of darknes game and you kinda need to know the castlevania story and characters to under stand this little explanation

well my idea is a castlevainia rp set in about 2043 (i am going to forget about the last bit of the cannon seeing as i hated it soooooo much and with the ultra-confusing nature of the cannon as a whole i thorght i could get away with it). now it is set in transilvainia but becase the E.U. has gotten its act to getther in the past couple decades a large mega city has poped up and is now a centre for trade. this has taken romainia as a whole prety much out of poverty and now a days it is very much like america.

now about the belmonts, well they’ve kind of breed thin and been forgoten alongwith the whole vampires and magic stuff. but! this is were you (the player) come in you a part belmont, yay!
but unfortenaly you dont know this, and you belmont blood is so thin you really dont have any of the belmonts powers (like being albe to sence vampires and bieng able to weild Vampire Killer with out hurting your self)(just a note this will be fixed later on thro a certain someone)

now your thinking, “if i dont know i am part belmont and i dont know about vampires how am i supposed to fight them” well in the dead of night you are visted by none other then,OMGZ Alucard(well a telapathic alucard) he then tells you about an impending doom(i am really original are’nt i ), he allso tells you to meet him in a bar in town now what do you do ??

so yeah i geus thats the start ill actually flesh out what he says later
but prety much if you go there to the bar youl will walk in on him in an empty bar fighting of some vampire spawn type bad guys he’l quickly dispatch them (obviously be cause he’s alucard) he will then proced to prety much destroy your normal life, telling you all about vampires, the war betwen the belmonts and dracular and all maner of other suppernatural things (like zombies and skeletons ect) at this point your belmont blood is “awakend” and you you now have this strange feeling about him (thats the vampire sense thing)he will then take you to a grave yard to aquaint you with super natural things ( this will be like a combat bit but you wont have to do any fighting if you dont want to ) prety much he shows you zombies

now if at any time your chatecter gos home and dosnt want to be apart of this and wants his life back
he wont get it there homes are all being raided by vampire spawn and they will need to get back to alucard

alucard then sends you to his freind in the city he is an alcimist and will help you on your path to dracula

so yeah i know its kinda a long bunch of nonsense but i am still trying to write it i am all ways looking for pointers so pm me i gess

(if you can pm with this website)



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